Teradata Decision Experts

Teradata Decision Experts quickly transforms enterprise resource planning (ERP) data into information that guides your company’s most critical business intelligence decisions, empowering finance to drive greater value through the business by bringing you:

  • Faster reporting and drill down analysis capability
  • Increased automation with less reliance on spreadsheets
  • Platform for successful performance management efforts

Paired with the powerful Teradata Database, this out-of-the-box, end-to-end data sourcing, data integration and analytic solution can also be integrated with all leading business intelligence tools, allowing finance to view data through the tool of its choice.

Features & Benefits

Teradata Decision Experts can help you:

  • Accelerate ERP data integration from months to days
  • Achieve quicker performance management success
  • Gain near-real-time active insight into financial performance
  • Quickly reflect ERP updates and upgrades with minimal risk and manual maintenance


Primary Components

Composed of three essential components:

  • Set of Analytical Business Domains
  • Source Experts
  • Integrated Analytical Environment

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Teradata Decision Experts: Enhance financial reporting and analytics

Teradata Decision Experts provides rapid data sourcing, improved data accuracy and integrity, with reduced risk and maintenance. CFOs are better equipped than ever to transcend the limitations of the "score keeper" and directly influence their companies' most critical decisions.

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