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Teradata delivers powerful and proven solutions that bring together different data sources from across your enterprise to give you a single view of your business. Choose from an entire family of data warehousing platforms that provide the benefits of Active Enterprise Intelligence to any company, regardless of size or budget.

Teradata brings it all together with the expertise of the largest and most experienced force of consultants in the data warehousing industry to help you design, implement, and maintain your Teradata system.

						Products and Services


Proven, high-performance database, more choices with a family of platforms, and best-of-breed applications.

Teradata Unified Data Architecture
Teradata UDA is the only truly integrated analytics solution that unifies multiple technologies into a cohesive and transparent architecture

Teradata Database
Integrate data from across your enterprise for faster, more accurate decisions.

Industry-leading applications help you get the most from your data warehouse.

Teradata Workload-Specific Platforms
Our family of data warehousing platforms and solutions can accommodate any size company, architecture, and price point.

Teradata Analytical Ecosystem
By employing a Teradata Analytical Ecosystem, you can host data with different requirements on different platforms that make better sense.

Teradata Active Data Warehouse Private Cloud
Teradata’s Active Enterprise Data Warehouse platform; with virtualized resources, scalability, consistent performance, elasticity and self-service business intelligence.

Teradata Data Lab
Exploit market opportunities & react rapidly to competitive pressure with an agile analytic exploratory environment.

Teradata Integrated Analytics
Transform your Teradata data warehouses into a high performance analytic environment.

Tools and Utilities
Optimize your Teradata investment with state-of-the-art tools and utilities.

Backup Archive and Restore (BAR)
Keep the data in your warehouse safe and accessible with a reliable, industry-leading BAR solution.

Active Intelligence
Combine strategic and operational intelligence to make better, faster decisions

Enterprise Data Warehousing
Bring all your data together for a single view of your entire enterprise.


Everything you need to design, implement, monitor, and support your Teradata system.

Business Analysis Services
Optimize ROI from your Enterprise Data Warehouse.

Data Warehousing Services
Data management, decision support and data warehouse performance.

Industry Consulting Services
With 1,200+ data warehouses implemented, we can solve your unique challenges.

Teradata Education Network
Build skills and capabilities to maximize your Teradata investment.

Teradata At Your Service
Puts support capabilities at your fingertips and reduces the time it takes to resolve issues. 

Teradata Professional Services
From our world-class patented methodology, to our services supporting strategy, we help with the financial justification, development, planning, design, implementation, support and enhancement of data warehousing platforms. 

Teradata Certified Professional Program
Our Certification testing program establishes industry standard measure and validation of Teradata technical competence.

Teradata Customer Services
Our flexible, pro-active, one-stop support combined with technical excellence allows us to provide world class EDW/ADW services focused on maximizing availability and minimizing risk.


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