Teradata Rapid Insights for Healthcare

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Gain a Competitive Edge While Improving Patient Care

Initiate a data and analytics-driven environment to move ahead of the competition, while more effectively providing the Triple Aim of Healthcare: Enhancing the Patient Care Experience; Improving the Health of Populations; and Reducing the per Capita Cost of Healthcare.

Get the Data-Driven Advantage in Healthcare

By effortlessly unlocking the potential within diverse data sources, Teradata empowers healthcare systems and insurers to realize significant value; including: high quality, low cost care coordination, more precise consumer engagement to drive wellness and growth, integrated finance performance management and improved population health.

Creating a Data-Driven Advantage in Healthcare Creating a Data-Driven Advantage in Healthcare

Gain a Competitive Edge While Improving Care

Engage the Consumer with Personalized Communications

Sending timely and personalized communications using a member or patient-preferred channel can result in more cost-effective and impactful marketing campaigns. Advanced analytics provide the ability to leverage customer insights to know when a clinical outreach or marketing campaign will affect behavior change and the most effective channel to utilize.

Healthcare’s Future Depends on Data-Driven Insights to Individual Behavior

Improve Population Health

Population health management is a key to healthcare reform: defining the population; identifying care gaps and stratifying risks; directly engaging patients, managing care; and then measuring all those outcomes. Data-driven technology and automation make population health management more feasible, scalable and most importantly, sustainable.

Get a Single View of all the Data in Your Business

Capturing and integrating detailed data to support all forms of quality measures, operational reporting, predictive modeling, forecasting, statistical analysis, and financial planning is more critical than ever. The Teradata® Healthcare Data Model (HCDM) provides the blueprint for data integration, supporting the resulting requirements of increased data flow, cross-functional coverage, and a single view of the business.

Improve Patient Care and Business Processes with Insights and Predictive Analytics

New data sources coupled with predictive analytics can transform processes that advance patient care and improve patient/member experiences while minimizing cost. Benefits include: predicting consumer complaints; understanding root causes of longer lengths of stay; predicting path to purchase, predicting re-admissions; and predicting on-set of surgery or disease.

Integrate Finance and Healthcare Performance Management Data

Incorporate general ledger data with clinical detail and business cost accounting data via one, central hub for accounting. The result is a better understanding of operational/departmental profitability segmented by patient/coverage type, as well as optimization of the supply chain to reduce inventory and improve performance.

Improving Financial Management Risk and Compliance for Health Plans