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Teradata is the world’s leading provider of data warehousing, big data analytics and marketing solutions.  In addition to class leading analytics and marketing technologies, Teradata offers data-driven solutions tailored to the unique requirements of the Consumer Goods industry.  Our platform solutions are available on a flexible delivery basis; on-premise, as managed services, or in the cloud. Teradata also offers experienced industry consulting and professional services support including our Advanced Analytics Factory, an on-premise / off-shore delivery model.

Teradata is the market leader in business intelligence and data driven solutions, serving the world's top companies.  Key advantages include the highest performance, lowest total cost of ownership and unlimited scalability to address any data volume, data type, number of users or complexity.

Marketing - Integrated Marketing Capabilities Assessment

  • Technology-neutral business consulting marketing capabilities evaluation
  • Built upon the Teradata Applications Integrated Marketing Capabilities Model
  • Assesses your company’s marketing capabilities to determine current state
  • Aligns your organization’s marketing capabilities to support your business objectives
  • Prioritizes areas for investment based on gaps between current and future state inclusive of business objectives
  • Benchmarks current capabilities against best practices found in like or similar industries and peer group
  • Establish an Integrated Marketing baseline and roadmap for execution

Data Driven, Direct to Consumer Connections

It wasn’t all that long ago that marketing consumer goods was a relatively simple task. Manufacturers and retailers created television, radio, or print advertisements, and they measured consumer response to those advertisements via sales figures. Through trial and error, and perhaps a market research study or two, they would adjust their advertising campaigns until they achieved the desired response.

Retail Collaboration - Shopper Optics

Shopper Optics brings the benefits of advanced shopper analytics to CPG sales and marketing professionals. With Shopper Optics, class-leading data management, security, analytics and visualization capabilities come together to deliver actionable analytics in the cloud. It offers the fastest route to a “win-win” business enabling solution for manufacturers and retailers alike. Shopper Optics offers faster, data-driven decisions across the marketing, category, space, consumer, and product supply areas. Read more.


Demand Signal Repository

Point of sale data is increasingly offered to manufacturers by their retail partners, but obtaining the data is just one step in what can otherwise be a daunting data harmonization project. Demand Signal Repositories (DSR) seek to resolve this challenge by acquiring, standardizing and applying analytics to detailed transaction data to help manufacturers synchronize supply with demand and avoiding costly out of stock situations.

DSR helps lend insights into the impact of trade promotion investments on sales activity as well as how to optimize pricing for the greatest volume and margin. The best DSR obtains detailed data on a daily basis from all trading partners, begging for a big data platform capable of supporting large data volumes and advanced analytics. Learn more.

Analytic Discovery and Data Labs

The power of data science is now at the fingertips of business executives. Teradata offers a variety of methods for taking advantage of new types of analytics on existing and new data sources to discover insights and test hypothesis:


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