Next Generation Analytics

Leverage analytics to improve the customer experience, deliver new products and services, monetize infrastructure & data, and reduce costs


Next Generation Analytics & Subscriber Insight for Communications from Teradata

Many Communications companies are missing the opportunity to use data to link the billions of people and trillions of devices in today’s new intelligent world.

Teradata allows Communications companies to leverage analytics to improve customer experience, deliver new products and services, monetize infrastructure & data, and reduce costs.

When Communications companies know more, they can do more, and doing so requires more than just a lot of data – it requires collecting and leveraging the right insights from that data. Teradata believes Communications companies need an integrated data and analytics approach to harness the massive amounts of data at your fingertips.  We enable you to move beyond traditional analytics, to provide a 360-degree view of customer interactions and experience with the business, while leveraging big data and new data types to accelerate decision making.



 Next Generation Analytics for Communication Service Providers

Teradata Solutions for the Communications Industry

Know Your Subscribers

Teradata brings a next generation Communications analytics framework of products, services and solutions that allow you to harness analytic innovation, so you can deliver new products and services, monetize infrastructure and data, and offer a superior customer experience.

Optimize and Improve Your Customers’ Experience

Many Communications companies deal with unhappy customers by making a proactive offer to stay. While you might retain customers in the short term, it does not identify or address the fundamental problem. Now, you can use big data analytics to identify and address customer issues months prior to risking churn.

 The Power of Understanding the Customer Experience in the Communication Industry: White paper

Create New Products & Services with Big Data Analytics

Communications companies are in a unique position to leverage big data analytics to access and understand detailed subscriber information and behavior. This big data can include where subscribers live, where they travel, what they watch, where they shop, the size and value of their social network, and much more. Learn how Teradata allows you to utilize these customer insights to create new products and services, improve customer experience and drive revenue.

 Next Generation Churn Analytics: White paper 
 Treating Data as an Asset: Increasing Enterprise Value of Customers:  Datasheet

Make Money with Your Data

Communications companies sit on troves of rich data about their subscribers. So, it’s no wonder that Communications Service Provides (CSPs) everywhere are talking about how they can monetize subscriber data. Over-the-top and niche application providers get a free ride on the providers’ network, while communications providers fight to grow their revenue base.

 How Telefonica Czech monetized data through big data analytics: Success Story

Products for the Communications Industry

Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse 
For 35 years, Teradata has led the industry in building superior data warehousing solutions and bringing improved management agility to organizations.  Built from the ground up to be mission critical and highly responsive, Teradata’s Integrated Data Warehouses are what the world’s largest and most competitive organizations use for actionable insights and decision based analytics.

Big Data Analytics 
Adopt the big data analytics solution engineered to claim competitive advantages for your organization. The Teradata Aster Discovery Platform is engineered for all new data types, offering integrated analytics and revolutionary ways of analyzing data. It’s the industry’s most transformative solution for turning big data insights into outstanding customer experiences, advancements in customer service and record-breaking marketing campaigns.

Hadoop for the Enterprise: Simplifying Powerful Big Data Analytics for Today’s Enterprise
Successfully leveraging Hadoop is critical to many organizations’ cost-effective big data analytics initiatives. For this reason, Teradata has simplified Hadoop for the modern enterprise architecture. The Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop provides customers with the industry’s most advanced and flexible Hadoop product platforms as well as best-in-class services, training and customer support.

Join the Communications Industry Titans Who Trust Teradata

Do you need to make analytics innovation a core part of your strategy? You’re in good company. More than 90% of the world’s top communications companies trust Teradata to help them win at analytics and insight.

  • Comcast - One of the world’s biggest media companies evolved its analytics maturity to become big data leaders.
  • Telefonica - UK Communications leader uses data analytics to quickly test and develop new and innovative products.
  • Bouygues - Major French Telco operator delivers cost-effective governance approach without compromising agility.
  • Shaw - Canadian Communications leader  deployed fast, pro-active customer dialogues to optimize marketing.
  • Verizon - The largest wireless carrier in the United States with the lowest churn rate employs Unified Data Architecture to 'listen' to its customers, and improve customer experience.
  • AT&T - One of the US’s largest wireless carriers operates one of the largest data warehouses in the world, which has saved the company more than $1 billion since implementation.
  • Swisscom - Major Swiss Communications provider increased analytics and data warehousing efficiency, reducing costs by 40% and creating a 360 degree view of their subscribers.
  • Vodafone - Using Teradata Aster, Vodafone were able to seamlessly combine network data from their Hadoop appliance with customer profile data from their DataMart.